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Here we present information about Data recovery services and news updates in the field of data recovery

Seagate Demonstrates Its Strong Presence In Digital Media Market; Launches Secure HDDs

The hard drive is one amongst the prime components of the computer, providing massive storage, and is available in multiple sizes and storage capacities in both internal and external modes. Hard drives manufacturers, such as Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, and more introduce different techniques to provide data security, which the […]

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3.5 HDD V.4 6TB Capacity Hard Disk From Seagate Enterprise

A new milestone in computing has been achieved simultaneously by two companies, Seagate and HGST. It is a single hard disk but offers a mind-boggling storage capacity of 6 TB. The previous capacity that was offered by a 3.5-inch hard disk was 4 TB. So, the increment achieved is almost […]

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File Recovery Software And Some Preventive Tips

Many times, the most important files that you use are lost and this leads you to the File Recovery Tool. The File Recovery Tool is useful for recovering the files due to the following reasons: Recovery Of Deleted Files. Searching The Hard Drive, Flash Drive Or External Drive. Permanently Erasing […]

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Importance Of Data Backup With Recovery Options

How it feels like if you have lost your complete data due to any kind of hard disk failure. When you use your computer for business purposes and do not have any other data backup stored, this could be a most disastrous time for you. Usually startup business always initiates […]

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Things To Know About RAID Data Recovery

RAID levels are basically designed to protect against a disk failure and to increase the performance & reliability of data storage. RAID systems include two or more drives working parallel, due to which the redundancy keeps maintained and data loss can be avoided. However, that doesn’t mean RAID can’t get […]

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iPad And iPhone Data Recovery Services In Delhi

iPhones and iPads are efficient enough to stay organized and productive. Along with some incredible features, these devices can manage critically structured files, and automatically sync data from the connected system and take back up through iCloud service. Regardless, even then there are still possibilities of data loss issues on […]

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