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Seagate Demonstrates Its Strong Presence In Digital Media Market; Launches Secure HDDs

Posted on Sep, 13, 2017

The hard drive is one amongst the prime components of the computer, providing massive storage, and is available in multiple sizes and storage capacities in both internal and external modes. Hard drives manufacturers, such as Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, and more introduce different techniques to provide data security, which the consumers adopt based on the level of security they want their data to experience. When it comes to attaining security at the corporate level, one cannot take the risk for sure. For the optimum security of data, the hard drive must be reliable enough, as the storage media is the primary key for data security.

Despite the corporate level, data security is mandatory in small industries as well. For instance, since photos are the key sources of collecting memories of the precious moments in our life, so take a scenario of photography professionals and wonder how they keep their collections of photos secure. The Security of such essential pieces of mesmerizing art is a must thing to achieve. Well, I must say the photography professional must be extremely glad to know that Seagate brings them exactly what they have ever wanted

Seagate launches three major – Business Storage, Central, and Wireless Plus hard drives, demonstrating their vital support to small industries, such as Tinydot (the photography professionals) and more.

Tiny dot (you probably know) is a wedding photography studio based in Singapore, providing on the go photography services. In fact, the professionals at Tinydot are passionate about their work and have been capturing tremendous photographs for a long time. They are expert in clicking special moments in your life, such as wedding ceremony – from the amity of the ceremony to the enjoyment and joviality of the bridesmaids and guests before the wedding starts. This brilliant group of professionals covers the astonishing moments of friends’ gatherings and relatives’ meetings on such auspicious occasions.

Capturing such essential moments in your life, Tinydot professionals keep them preserved lifelong and make them available to you as long as their huge database is available with them. You may anytime contact Tinydot professionals for an assignment and they will never let disappointment come to you.

Well, you can imagine the level of security they must be provided to such valuable data of their clients. Along with the Tinydot, Seagate targets all financial, accounting, and banking industries and comes up with three ultimate security providing hard drives.

Seagate Business Storage hard drive is simple and straightforward to set up and use for intended tasks. The hard drive offers support for Time Machine, backup software for Windows machines, RAID security, etc. keeping everything simpler like never before. Seagate Central features the ability of wireless streaming of gaming and other digital media, including Smart TVs. On the other hand, Seagate Wireless Plus provides on the go storage for digital media and easy access to the contents.

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