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Headquartered in New Delhi, Religare Enterprises Limited is a public limited and holding company that deals with financial services


To successfully recover the JPEG files from the VMDK file of the failed RAID server.


Approached Stellar Data Recovery-CP Delhi for data recovery from failed RAID server.


Successfully recovered the JPG files from the virtual server's VMDK file.

Religare enterprises limited successfully recovers its server data with assistance from Stellar Data Recovery

Founded in 1984 by Shivinder Mohan Singh, Religare Enterprises Limited (REL) offers an integrated suite of financial services. Its service mainly comprises loans to Affordable Housing Finance, SMEs, Wealth Management & Capital Markets, and Health Insurance. Further, it is listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in India.


Religare Enterprises Limited used a RAID 5 virtual server with a number of hard drives to store and access all its data. The operating system that the server was running on was Windows OS. Things were fine until the day the server got damaged somehow, the cause unknown, and the VMDK file that had all the saved data, was lost.

The challenge faced by the client from REL was that he could not access the VMDK file that had all the valuable data saved on the virtual server. The server became unresponsive to any initiative or action that was taken to access the saved database files and this was due to a corruption issue. However, the reason for corruption was unknown. It could be due to the damage in the drives or any other software or hardware component of the server. Nonetheless, it was quite significant for the client to restore all the JPG files from the VMDK file.

“I am worried about the failed RAID 5 server and the loss of VMDK file that had the valuable users’ data (JPG files) stored in it. I wish I could do something to bring back all the data.”

All that the client from REL wished for was to recover the VMDK file from the failed RAID server. With this, all the JPG files could be retrieved. And, this was possible only with the help from a professional data recovery Service Provider such as our Stellar Data Recovery.


The approach that the client took was he searched for a prestigious Service Center that could provide 100% sure shot and guaranteed failed raid server data recovery, especially the RAID server level 5. On research, he came across the Stellar Data Recovery Delhi CP branch which showed good customer reviews, in addition to other service providers. Impressed, the client visited the Connaught Place-Delhi branch without further delay.

When he met the executive at our Service Centre, he shared the experience that he had with the RAID 5 server and the corruption issues that led to its failure. Seeing the client worried, the executive empathized with him. He then assured the client that Stellar’s experts would bring the failed server back into a working state. Convinced, the client gave a go ahead for the recovery process. With help from our in-house technicians who were well-trained and experienced, we were sure to offer 100% recovery of the VMDK file from the server.

“The world class infrastructure of Stellar Data Recovery-CP New Delhi and the well-qualified, as well as the experienced team of experts, are befitting for data recovery from damaged RAID servers.”


As it was a RAID 5 live server at the client’s site, the client could not provide us with the media device for recovery purpose at our premise. This was a challenge for us as we needed to make a clone of the server, which now had to be made at the client’s site. However, beating the odds, our techies visited the client’s site and successfully made a clone of the media in 24hrs.

Further, on analyzing the media device, the technicians deduced that the recovery was possible. As a first step in the recovery process, the technicians recovered the VMDK file from cloned image of the server but found the file to be severely damaged. After that, the techies made an effort to repair the file manually and were successful in doing that using specialized techniques. Further, they recovered the deleted JPG files from the VMDK file that the client wanted urgently to resume the paused work.

As the client recovered his data from the failed RAID 5 virtual server, he was elated with the efforts provided by Stellar Data Recovery.

“It gives me a great sense of pleasure and satisfaction to have got the JPG files recovered from the VMDK file of RAID server.”


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