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NDTV is an acronym for the original name of the company, New Delhi Television. It is a media company in India that keeps people updated with the latest news from the country and abroad.


To successfully recover the lost HD-video file from Sandisk Flash Card of 64GB data storage capacity.


Contacted Stellar Data Recovery-Delhi for Flash Card data recovery service.
Requested the Executive for quick and safe Flash Card data recovery service by experts.


Contacted Stellar Data Recovery-Delhi for Flash Card data recovery service.
Requested the executive for quick and safe Flash Card data recovery service by experts.

NDTV successfully recovers its lost video with SD card data recovery services by Stellar Data Recovery-Delhi

Established in the year 1988 by Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy who is a husband and wife, New Delhi Television (NDTV) Limited is an Indian television media company. It is a platform for the latest news from India and abroad. Headquartered in New Delhi, it has a revenue of 5.76 billion INR (2016, US $86 million).

NDTV is a leader in the production and broadcast of complete and unbiased news from around the country and the world. It provides news and news headlines related to Politics, Business, Technology, Cinema, Sports, and other areas. It also offers entertainment programs alongside news.


The client used a Sandisk Flash card (data storage capacity: 64GB, file system – FAT 32) to store its valuable news data. This ensured that 64GB of information in the form of text, audio, or video, could be saved and carried in it.

As a part of its work, the client had loaded video in the Flash Card that was due to be broadcast in one of its important news related to a sting operation after 2-3 days. To do so, the client had to transfer the video onto a system. While using the Flash Card to transfer the file, the client formatted the flash card and overwrote it with another data by mistake.

This led to the loss of the important video that an employee of the client had captured with the motive of showing it to the world the kind of corruption existing in the country. The file contained video of a high profile person who was involved in demanding and taking a bribe on the pretext of passing an important bill.

Here, the challenge was to recover the HD video file from the formatted and overwritten Flash Card of a famous brand, Sandisk and the storage capacity of which was 64GB.


The client, NDTV, knew that the video file got lost and it was not possible to recover it with the assistance of internal IT department that was involved in providing solutions for PCs in the company not working fine. Thus, aware of the capabilities of the Stellar Data Recovery professionals, they contacted the company’s Delhi branch as it was the closest and could provide speedy recovery of the lost video file.

On receiving the client’s query for Flash Card data recovery service, the Customer Care executive at the branch heard patiently to all that the representative of the client said. The executive responded by saying that the branch had experts who could recover the HD-video file quickly. With this, the client would be able to broadcast the video as per schedule which was due after two to three days. The only clause was that the Flash Card had to be shipped immediately to the branch.

On receiving the Card, the experts of HD-Video recovery service checked the flash card and found that the data storage device was working fine. The only challenge was that the card was formatted and in an overwritten condition.


Stellar Data Recovery provided a quick Flash Card data recovery service. First and foremost, the experts created a clone of the card from which the video file was lost. Then, they used advanced techniques to recover the lost HD-Video file manually. On doing this, they found that the HD-Video file was damaged. To this, they employed several advanced solutions to repair and recover the damaged and lost video.

Once the process got completed, the representative of NDTV was intimated about it. He visited the branch and verified the video.  He was quite happy to recover the lost video file on time and thanked the experts wholeheartedly for the quick service that they had provided.



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