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The client is a company involved in the production, assortment, and distribution of electricity to cities. Its services includes Video Protection, Smart Lighting, and Traffic Light System.


To successfully recover the lost photographs, videos, Office documents, and emails.


Contacted Stellar Data Recovery - Delhi's Connaught Place branch.


Office documents, emails, and multimedia data such as photos and videos were successfully recovered in a day's time.

Citelium India Pvt. Ltd. successfully recovers its lost data with Stellar Data Recovery dexterous service

Incorporated on October 13, 2011, and known as the Reference of City Lighting, Citelium India Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Service Provider of street light set-up and maintenance services from New Delhi, India. It is categorized as a Subsidiary of Foreign Company and is registered with Registrar of Companies, Delhi. It’s authorized share capital and paid-up capital is Rs. 250,000,000 and 239,280,752 respectively.

It creates a smart, attractive, and ecological world of light with 2, 500,000 lighting points, 25,000,000 people provided with light, and 1000 cities managed in the world. It puts cities’ lighting needs at the center of its Service Offer and commits to deliver needs such as Energy saving to the maximum as much as possible, Security to keep cities safe, and Urban attractiveness to make cities beautiful with artistic lighting.

The client used a 320 GB Toshiba hard disk drive (HDD) running Windows operating system (OS) to store all its data. They were MS Office documents, emails, and multimedia data such as photos and videos. The 320 GB drive ensured that data up to this large size could be safely and securely stored on it.

Here, the client complained that the Windows operating system running on the hard drive encrypted with WinMagic Encryption was not booting. Although the database administrator (DBA) tried several times, the OS failed to boot up, consequently, raising a challenge for the client to access the saved data of its employees and customers.

The data was highly important, and the client required it urgently to continue delivering services on time. Thus, the DBA who was the representative of the client, told that he wished for a quick resolution so that the client could resume their work and provide on time lighting services to cities.

Without further delay, the representative contacted Delhi’s Connaught Place branch of Stellar Data Recovery. This was because it was the closest branch and that in the past he had heard good reviews of the data recovery services of the company.

In doing so, he came in touch with the customer care executive and explained the issue. He then requested for a Hard drive recovery. The executive asked the client to bring the drive to the branch so that they could carry out an initial analysis which would confirm whether the recovery was possible.

On analyzing the affected Toshiba Hard drive, the professionals found that the hard drive suffered a physical failure that restricted the OS to boot up. Nonetheless, to the benefit of the client, they confirmed that recovery was possible in a day.

Under the guidance of data recovery experts of Stellar Data Recovery, its professionals started the HDD recovery process. However, the challenge here was that the WinMagic Info was corrupt, therefore, making the case severe.

Despite the severity of the situation, the professionals were confident about the recovery. They proceeded by first making a clone of the drive. Next, they manually created the info of WinMagic encryptions and decrypted the drive.

Further, they repaired the drive, post which the OS started to boot. Finally, they quickly and successfully recovered the data that were MS Office documents, emails, photographs, and videos. The recovery was achieved the very next day and was informed to the client.

As a response, the representative visited the branch and verified the recovered data. He found that all data that he had asked for was retrieved from the physically damaged drive.

The client was quite satisfied with the services offered by Stellar Data Recovery – CP branch!


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